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Welcome to Top Equine Roleplay Games!

Our goal is to provide a list of the best horse roleplay sites. We accept both fantasy and realistic horse/equine sites. Please note that when you submit your site it will take about two hours to show as the site needs to refresh. Also please note that we will go through the sites at least once a week to ensure that they are active and Equine related. Anything found inactive or not horse based WILL be removed.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at

Open November 28,2011

Lasted edited: July 13,2016

Thank you for listing your site with us! Since this site has remained active, we will make a better effort to keep it clean of dead sites and spam sites.

Since apparently people have been attacking other sites, please know that I will be policing comments multiple times a week. I can see your Ips. Don't be stupid or you will get ban. If this continues to be a problem, I will deactivate this site as this was intended to be a fun way to find new sites. Not slam the competition. Seriously. Be mature.

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Site Of the Moment:
Intermediate Equine Fantasy Roleplay || Eternal - a land in which half is covered in eternal daylight, and half is sheathed in eternal nighttime. Between three warring, sibling deities, the land is ever-changing and always moving.

Rank Site Rating In Out
NR 1 3

Equitate is a rl equestrian RPG. No word counts, no posted activity checks, and optional site wide events regularly. We also run semi-regular shows on site. Come check us out!
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10.00 0 12

Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. Literate int-adv roleplay.
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Shortstep Academy
NR 0 6
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to attend a university specifically for equestrians?

Shortstep Academy is a very new but very detailed forum based RPG where players have complete free rein. From being able to work at tack shops, to being
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Beyond the Mountains
9.50 0 4

Beyond the Mountains (Beyond) is a semi-realistic wild horse RPG with fantasy elements. It is a neighbor of sorts to the long-time game known as Mist Meadows. We're open to roleplayers of all levels and hope to create a fun and friendly atmosphere.
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1.00 0 5

Otaminn is a semi-realistic, mature, play-by-post, liquid time, member driven horse RPG with no human involvement whatsoever. We have no plot, our stories completely rely on the members.
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1.00 0 6

Gossamer is a fantasy equine role play that hinges on a moderately stygian theme.
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Behind the Chutes
10.00 0 3

Have you ever heard of the saying "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys?"..

Amarillo, Texas. The “Yellow Rose”, is home to some of the largest cattle ranches, big time rodeos, and home to your biggest summer flings with a cowboy or cowgi
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NR 0 0
A semi-natural wild horse roleplay! Set on an island constantly at war. Join a kingdom and work towards gaining an empire, or one of the many factions looking to see the end of their tyranny. Comments
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Home Free
NR 0 3

Here in the nostalgic lands of Home Free, we bring you player-driven plots, fun genetics, and a clean, simple, realistic setting. Cause havoc, have foals, and immerse yourself in a friendly community!
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the Rift
10.00 0 5

the Rift - a broken, violently magical land. Tucked away in the fold of the dimensions, it has been battered and destroyed, but is currently recovering. Easy-to-get items and magic, no rules on design, active & friendly community!
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healing horses, healing hearts
NR 0 0
In the small town of Green Lake, Alberta; population 600 things have always been about the ranch life, mostly cattle but some ranches are all about horses. One such ranch is Healing Hearts Ranch, a ranch that used to be a cattle ranch until about thirty Comments
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Wild at Heart
9.00 0 1
Apache County is home of Big Lake, Arizona. Hundreds of wild horses call it home!. Settlers once roamed the mountains, trying to conquer the wild horses. But soon failed. Although the natives still remain hidden within the lands, the 'white man' is hardly Comments
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Starr Mountain Estate
NR 0 1
Starr Mountain Estate is an equestrian center nestled in the New York countryside. What began as a labor of love has grown into a beautiful place where people from all over come to attend horse camps, take riding lessons, board their horses, and compete o Comments
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7.58 0 1
Kormada is a free-for-all wild horse RPG taking place on a planet far from Earth. Contains unique plotlines, classic light/dark alliances, stallions AND mares can claim lands AND herdmates, partial or non-equine characters allowed, and friendly members, a Comments
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6.57 0 1
A fantasy equine RP that allows for limitless character creativity. We would be happy to have you! Comments
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7.83 0 1
WildWhispers is a semi-realistic literate equine roleplay with friendly staff and an easy minimum word count of 100.

Come join us!
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Present Darkness
9.50 0 0
Present Darkness is a fun,friendly, and active multi-species RP. All levels, 75 word min, staff and royalty positions open, includes extensive store, and an open plot with smaller sub-plots Comments
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Solaris Iles
7.44 0 0
A fantasy horse RPG where the sky is the limit! You may have any kind of horse (or zebra!) that your heart desires, of any color or origin. We are a family here with a heavy focus on plotting, so bring your fun ideas! Comments
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Nightmares Past
8.20 0 0
We are a small town supernatural wild horse roleplay. Lots of character options for your animals (humans included in that)! Open to any and all levels of roleplaying! Comments
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Look to the Stars
9.28 0 0
We are an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay. Come explore the land of Elysium with your fellow equines! Take part in site plots and member quests to advance your character's story. Comments
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Ausus RPG
6.41 0 0
A fantasy equine RPG. Ausus was one of the original RPGs to allow character customization - and it has been opened again with a fantastic set of new features. Collect items, craft attributes, become a Deity, rule your own land - there are no limits to Comments
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Tir Dearthair
9.60 0 0
Tir Dearthair is a fantasy world with mystical, bondable equines. It is unique - with species, lands, and RP opportunities you won't find anywhere else. Comments
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NR 0 0
Intermediate Equine Fantasy Roleplay || Eternal - a land in which half is covered in eternal daylight, and half is sheathed in eternal nighttime. Between three warring, sibling deities, the land is ever-changing and always moving. Comments
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