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Top Equine Roleplay Games

Rank Site Rating In Out
Look to the Stars
9.28 10 20
We are an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay. Come explore the land of Elysium with your fellow equines! Take part in site plots and member quests to advance your character's story. Comments
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Beyond the Mountains
9.50 9 37
Beyond the Mountains (Beyond) is a semi-realistic wild horse RPG with fantasy elements. It is a neighbor of sorts to the long-time game known as Mist Meadows. We're open to roleplayers of all levels and hope to create a fun and friendly atmosphere. Comments
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Solaris Iles
7.63 1 4
A fantasy horse RPG where the sky is the limit! You may have any kind of horse (or zebra!) that your heart desires, of any color or origin. We are a family here with a heavy focus on plotting, so bring your fun ideas! Comments
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The Elysian Fields
6.61 1 19
A fantasy/mythology based fantasy equine RPG. There are a few high positions open - kingdom leaders and staff auditions are held, and there are enough lands ready to be claimed. We are a fast growing site, a new, warm and loving community. Comments
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7.58 1 15
Kormada is a wild horse RPG taking place on a planet far from Earth. With a unique series of plot lines combined with the classic light/dark environment, Kormada is sure to blow you away with its depth and creative atmosphere. Opened in 2006. Comments
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