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Top Equine Roleplay Games

Rank Site Rating In Out
Nightmares Past
8.20 27 26
We are a small town supernatural wild horse roleplay. Lots of character options for your animals (humans included in that)! Open to any and all levels of roleplaying! Comments
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healing horses, healing hearts
NR 16 7
In the small town of Green Lake, Alberta; population 600 things have always been about the ranch life, mostly cattle but some ranches are all about horses. One such ranch is Healing Hearts Ranch, a ranch that used to be a cattle ranch until about thirty Comments
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Look to the Stars
9.24 8 12
We are an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay. Come explore the land of Elysium with your fellow equines! Take part in site plots and member quests to advance your character's story. Comments
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WildWhispers v2
7.76 1 17
WildWhispers is a semi-realistic, literate equine roleplay with friendly staff. Play as either a Tribe horse, loner, or even a canon character. We have an easy minimum word count of 100.
Come join us!
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Beyond the Mountains
9.33 1 17
Beyond the Mountains (Beyond) is a semi-realistic wild horse RPG with fantasy elements. It is a neighbor of sorts to the long-time game known as Mist Meadows. We're open to roleplayers of all levels and hope to create a fun and friendly atmosphere. Comments
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